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Spiral – September

Spiral – September


Oil & Mixed Media
12 cm x 18 cm


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Uplift your spirit with Alex’s joyful abstract painting “Spiral – September”, a dynamic vision crafted from oil and mixed media on a 12 x 18 cm canvas. Bursting with vitality, this intimate piece immediately engages the viewer with its elegantly swirling reddish-pink forms accented by heart motifs. Your eye dances through the composition, following the spiral’s rhythmic movement. As September marks a transition into autumn, the vivid crimson and magenta hues seem to celebrate the last of summer’s warmth. Yet the spiral suggests life’s continual rebirth and renewal.

Alex’s signature blending of glossy and matte textures creates alluring dimension, while tiny heart details add a touch of playfulness. This is Alex at her most upbeat, using art’s healing energy to spread joy. Hang “Spiral – September” anywhere you need a daily dose of inspiration. Slow down to appreciate its textures and movement with closer inspection.

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