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Goddess Ganga

Goddess Ganga


Oil on Canvas
20 cm x 20 cm



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Behold divine Indian goddess Ganga, embodied in Alex’s radiant 20 x 20 cm oil painting on canvas “Goddess Ganga.” Sensuous blues and molten golds evoke Ganga arising from the Ganges River upon a lotus pedestal, in a gesture of blessing, fertility and renewal. Alex pays homage to Hindu iconography while imbuing this work with contemporary symbolism speaking to the modern seeker. Ganga appears to materialise within the space, a visionary emissary connecting present viewers to India’s ancient spiritual roots.

To display this original Florschutz is to exalt the divine feminine, opening portals to wisdom and sanctity in everyday life. Let Ganga’s golden aura warm your environment with her gifts of prosperity, health, purification and healing insight. For the enlightened collector, this work signifies humanity’s common need to honour tradition while cultivating personal spiritual meaning. May Goddess Ganga’s light guide your journey to inner peace.

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