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Divine Source Portal

Divine Source Portal


Oil on Canvas
23 cm x 30 cm


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Unveil the sacred feminine divine with Alex’s “Divine Source Portal,” a sublime 23 x 30 cm oil painting on canvas. At first glimpse, one is drawn by primal forces into its mystic depths. Radiant crimson and orange hues swirl with sensuous folds that suggest a portal to universal creative power, and to womanhood’s profound generative energy. Yet this is no mere representation – Alex has shaped a living artefact that channels divine feminine spirit. Her brushstrokes breathe with an otherworldly texture, beckoning viewers to contemplate birth, creativity, and human communion with the cosmos.

To own this original Florschutz is to have a conduit to inspiration and solace through quiet meditation on its swirling, luminous canvas. Hang “Divine Source Portal” in a space where you seek reflection, insight and connection to powers beyond everyday perception. Let its enigmatic beauty fill you with comfort and awe. For the collector of visionary art, this piece offers a rare glimpse into the sacred. The Divine Source Portal transcends tangible form, glowing with the ineffable essence of the great creative mystery, and of womanhood’s gift to the life-force.

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