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Spiral – April

Spiral – April


Oil & Mixed Media
12 cm x 18 cm


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Reflect on the subtle beauty of transition with Alex’s meditative abstract painting “Spiral – April”, a quiet vision crafted from oil and mixed media on a 12 x 18 cm canvas. Serene shades of yellow, tan and gold swirl downward in graceful spirals, evoking April’s gradual shift from winter dormancy to spring’s awakening. Your eye traces the spiral’s grounding movement, following the composition’s steadiness. The neutral earth tones seem to capture the slow yet stirring energy of April’s in-between state. Yet the spirals suggest nature’s eternal cycles of death and rebirth.

Alex’s signature textured brushwork creates subtle plays of light, rewarding closer inspection. This is Alex at her most contemplative, using art’s healing power to distill April’s essence of transformation. Hang “Spiral – April” anywhere you wish to foster reflection and renewal. Slow down to appreciate its minimalist composition and tranquil textures. This is an opportunity to own an original abstract work by an artist dedicated to community empowerment through creative engagement. Let Alex’s Spiral – April centre your mind.

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