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Divine Source – Intuition

Divine Source – Intuition


Oil & Mixed Media
40 cm x 40 cm


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Unlock intuitive gateways within yourself with Alex’s “Divine Source – Intuition,” a transcendent 40 x 40 cm abstract oil and mixed media painting that evokes the mystical depths of the subconscious. Dynamic swirls in hues of cobalt, sapphire and ivory seem to form an ethereal portal into one’s innermost wisdom and creativity. Alex subtly suggests the parallel to womanhood’s generative power and the creative life-force without overt representation. Instead, her textured brushwork and luminous accents shape a living canvas that breathes with energy. “Intuition” beckons contemplation, encouraging viewers to open their minds and access submerged truths.

Hang this original Florschutz in a space where you seek personal clarity and connection to your “sixth sense.” Let its cosmic textures unlock your capacity for deeper knowledge. For the spiritual seeker, owning this piece creates an ever-present passage to the collective unconscious. Use “Intuition” as your guide to illuminating life’s mysteries. The answers you seek are waiting to be unveiled.

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