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A wonderful, life enhancing book. Empowering and life changing for the reader and their unborn child. In our modern age medics try and control pregnancy and birth and often spoil the process. It is vital for pregnant women to understand they have very real choices in how the next generation is born and this book is inspiring on the subject. I wish I’d read it before my own children were born but found it a fascinating insight into my own birth and mother. I will be buying it for all future pregnant friends.


Review on The Art of Birth

At a time in the world when so much seems to be about separating and anaesthetising ourselves from experience, here’s a book that really encourages embracing experience. As a coach I help clients all the time with overcoming fear – well the greatest way of doing that is to provide information. The Art of Birth is rich in the right kind of information that, if you are seeking to embrace a truly holistic birth, will reduce your fear and empower you to trust your body.


Review on The Art of Birth

A wonderful book full of insights, advice and great ideas for anyone that is looking to clear negativity and birth their own creativity. I highly recommend this book as a source of inspiration and motivation. An invaluable resource for pregnant women and those looking to create positive change in their lives.


Review on The Art of Birth

An inspiring, uplifting and reassuring book. Really helps to give women, and their partners, confidence and trust in the amazing, but sometimes daunting, process of conception and birth. I only wish this book had been written when I was pregnant with my daughter!

Lisettte Wislon

Review on The Art of Birth

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A Word From The Author

Alexandra’s personal story contrasts the beliefs and behaviours in the United Kingdom with those of the Balinese culture, and conveys the message that a new positive birth paradigm is desperately needed. Cutting edge research is included to substantiate her claims that emotional well being during the creation of new life is paramount. Likewise, we can collectively support one of the most significant rites of passage in a woman’s life.

Art and birth are creative and non-intellectual processes and this is why Art can be a great asset in our preparation for birth as it allows us to access images and the unconscious. Before conception, through pregnancy, birth and beyond a woman, and her partner, can clear unhelpful emotional and psychological barriers. This book will give you the tools to empower yourself to create the experience you desire.

The Art of Birth aims to inspire, educate and support pregnant women, fathers, partners, midwives, doulas, childbirth practitioners and anyone who is passionate about conscious conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting.

I truly hope it will be an Empowering resource for everyone as we ALL started life inside a woman’s body and we ALL experienced a birth.

Alex Florschutz
Artist, Writer and Speaker.
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