Alex Florschutz "Art that meets your Soul"
Alex Florschutz
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Welcome to my home  “Art that meets your soul”

My paintings invite you to enter a magical world; that of your own imagination. This is the place in which you can visit your dreams and create your own interpretations to all that life brings. Giving yourself time like this, connects you to your right brain promoting calm, balance and healing through insight and inspiration.

Painting, for me, is like a meditation. Once I get into the “zone”, it’s as if I’m floating gently down a river; time stands still, the energy flows and the process takes me on an intuitive journey resulting in spontaneous and deliberate acts of creation. This transcends the intellect and I paint from the heart.

I welcome you to experience this within my paintings. Feel free to roam the corridors of your soul and see the reflections you seek. It’s the ultimate expression of self.

If you would like to purchase any of my paintings, please get in touch by email to discuss options: alex

My new website will be coming soon 🙂

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Alex is a practicing Artist, Author and Curator and has an MA in Art Psychotherapy, exhibiting extensively in the UK and abroad, curating many personal and community exhibitions. She is renowned for her beautiful evocative paintings, her use of tactile media, film, photography, her infamous Pink Tent Installation, inspiring workshop facilitator, is a published author of The Art of Birth – Empower Yourself for Conception, Pregnancy & Birth and is the founder of the Birthing a Better Future Art & Science Exhibition Project.

The Birthing a Better Future Art & Science Exhibition by Zero2 Expo launched in 2016 in the UK Houses of Parliament to raise awareness on Child Health starting from conception – the 1001 Critical Days – and has been travelling ever since.

You can learn more about the Birthing a Better Future Project here:

*Join me on my magical retreat in Bali over their auspicious new year (Nyepi) 2023 date to be confirmed