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Rise of the Divine Feminine

Rise of the Divine Feminine


Acrylic on Canvas
100 cm x 150 cm

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Alex presents an epic allegory of empowerment in “Rise of the Divine Feminine,” a monumental 100 x 150 cm abstract acrylic painting suggesting a goddess figure ascending through vivid hues of sapphire, violet and crimson. Though devoid of literal imagery, the shapes and textures imply a sense of transcendence, as if feminine creative energies are being unleashed anew upon the canvas.

To display this grand original Florschutz is to bring a sense of purpose and possibility into one’s environment. Let its commanding scale and chromatic richness kindle reflection on the resurgence of sacred wisdom, compassion and community. For the inspired collector, “Rise of the Divine Feminine” celebrates the belief that each soul carries untapped gifts needed in this world. May this ambitious work remind us that positive change dawns when we rise up together.

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