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Eat Play Laugh Retreat Bali

Unique Nurturing Creative Retreat in Bali: 8 – 15 April 2020

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Personally created and arranged by Alex Florschutz who has extensive experience and expert knowledge about Bali and running healing workshops and retreats Email:

I am offering my luscious Eat – Play – Laugh: Unique Nurturing Creative Retreat in Bali – The Island of the Gods / Goddesses from 8 – 15 April 2020. Join me on this magical Women only boutique retreat and connect to your powerful feminine energy (however you identify). Learn to let go of your life stresses and rediscover how wonderful you are!

An unforgettable creative experience awaits

An unforgettable creative experience awaits you in Bali during the Easter week. We will use this magical time of renewal and rebirth as a metaphor to release anything that is holding you back. You can now realise your most treasured dreams and live an even more fulfilling life. This unique retreat is the ultimate body, mind soul detox!

Celebrate and uncover your creative self through: expressive art, movement, activities, healing ceremony, wild walks with magnificent views, spa treatments, mouthwatering food and MORE! Expand your capacity to have fun! Join me for this unique nurturing creative retreat fully supported by all things luxurious and fun. 

Focusing on creativity and your inner child, it allows you to release creative blocks. This opens your throat chakra through participating in a series of carefully prepared exercises to bring more pleasure to your life.

Our nurturing retreat space is located in the heart of Ubud at one of Bali’s beloved family boutique hotel run by Janet de Neefe and her Balinese husband. Their love story is legendary. Each bedroom, the staff and the food you will eat is offered with Love.

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

Janet is also the creator of the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival and the Ubud Food Festival The Eat Play Laugh retreat features vegan and vegetarian gourmet food curated from all around the Indonesian archipelago. This includes foods that stimulate your throat chakra for creativity. 

April Retreat

Once the April retreat ends, the Ubud Food Festival begins, so I will be incorporating this into my post retreat package. It’s a one of a kind experience not to be missed! Yummm 🙂

October Retreat

After my October retreat, the Ubud Writers and Readers festival begins and I’m offering a bespoke add-on package to support you navigate the festival. It is the most amazing experience, certainly not to be missed if you can stay a little longer. Authors from around the world give talks, readings and discussions. And of course a magnificent opening ceremony and closing party where you get to mingle with celebs!

Start your day with Chi

Back to the retreat… As you do your morning practise with the in-house Balinese yoga instructor, you’ll feel your creativity unfold. Your throat chakra will start to unblock. You begin to really activate your inner child and release your self-expression. Most people find this increases their happiness and frees up the natural flow of Prana or ‘chi’ in the body.

Bali secrets

I will share exclusively with you my secrets of Bali from my 22+ year love affair with the island of the gods / goddesses. And you will benefit from my extensive experience as a workshop facilitator, art psychotherapist, artist and author. I have created this unique, nurturing adventure just for you.

Allow me to guide you to channel the potent Feminine energy of Bali and become transported into a space of luxury, pleasure and creative fun. You will be supported every step of the way as you rediscover your creative life force and recharge your battery. Find inner peace by giving yourself this gift of a rejuvenating “time out”.

EAT– amazing cuisine 
PLAY – unleash your creative freedom 
LAUGH – as you rediscover the joy of your life in beautiful Bali.

No previous creative experience is necessary and all materials are included.

This is a nurturing, self-development retreat and does not teach you HOW to paint/draw but more about removing creative blocks so you can rediscover your creative Self.

Small intimate women only group experience.

I will also be running retreats in October 2020 and March 2021 in Bali.

  • October Retreat Date 2020: 18 – 25 October 2020 which coincides with the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival. More details coming soon. Booking is also now open so please do email to register your interest. Benefit from the early bird price. Spaces fill up very fast for this time of year so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.
  • March Retreat 2021 Date: 8 – 15 March 2021 which is held over the Balinese New Year, Nyepi. This is truly the most amazing, far out Balinese experience! Register your interest here:

Location: Ubud, Bali 

I look forward to seeing you at one of my retreats and am here to answer any questions:

Much love,
Alex xx

Best retreats before and after Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud, Bali, April 2020


Alex Florschutz – Eat – Play – Laugh Retreat, Ubud Bali, April 2020

Alex is a very inspiring, fun, and enthusiastic spiritual teacher, coach, writer, artist, author and public speaker. She’s done some impressive things in her life, including having major public art exhibitions, curating art at the Houses of Parliament, campaigning for happy birth, living in Bali, and having a half-Balinese son in her own Eat, Pray, Love experience in Bali, making her very wise and grounded.

I know these retreats with Alex are spiritually expanding, beautiful, colourful, delicious, and very fun. You will see a lot, as Alex shares her beloved Bali from her ‘insiders eyes’, you will share a lot, as you enjoy and are nurtured by the loving group that Alex gathers around her, and you will play a lot – as you are guided to express yourself creatively and spiritually expand your inner child in a safe space.  

You will enjoy a lot as you eat the most delicious gourmet food that Alex curates for you and stay in a beautiful venue in central Ubud – and you will remember a lot, for a long time, maybe a lifetime, the laughter and fun you had! Alex’s enjoyment of life is expansive and Eat – Play – Laugh comes naturally to her – your own enjoyment, creativity, and fun is going to expand, and I highly recommend this retreat, which is an affordable Ubud, Bali spiritual and creativity retreat before and after Bali Spirit Festival 2020, a very popular time for retreats in Bali – there will be a lot of competition for spaces, so make sure you don’t miss out – get in early and book!


International spiritual healer with a successful 24 year healing practise in Bali


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