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Divine Source – Air

Divine Source – Air


Oil & Mixed Media
40 cm x 40 cm



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Behold the miracle of birth and renewal with Alex’s sublime abstract painting “Divine Source – Air,” a luminous 40 x 40 cm oil and mixed media ode to feminine creative power. At first glimpse, soft folds in pale, delicate hues shape an ethereal portal, culminating in a pulsing crimson centre evocative of a woman’s sacred core. Yet this is no literal depiction – Alex subtly captures the essence of the female life-force through swirling textures and blankets of diffuse light. She summons antiquity’s goddess imagery into a contemporary celebration of intimate beauty and generative energy.

To own this original Florschutz is to have a timeless icon of womanhood’s divine gift of creation. Hang “Divine Source – Air” in a cherished space where you reflect on the ephemeral joys of new life, connection and family. Let its tender, blushing tones evoke healing and comfort. For the enlightened art lover, this work offers a daily reminder of our shared capacity for hope and renewal. Alex has shaped a contemporary visual poem praising “Air” – the divine source of breath and being.


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