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Goddess Sophia

Goddess Sophia


Oil on Canvas
100 cm x 150 cm

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Alex conjures a commanding vision of divine wisdom in “Goddess Sophia,” a monumental 100 x 150 cm oil painting depicting the Gnostic goddess Sophia materialising from vibrant pink orchids, the moon balanced in one hand, the sun cradled in the other. Rendered with Alex’s signature textural palette work, Sophia seems to emerge fully formed from the shimmering flowers, a vision of mystical femininity and primal knowledge.

To display this original Florschutz is to exalt Sophia as an icon of intuition, harmony and sacred understanding. Allow her luminous presence to illuminate your own inner realm with clarity and grace. For the spiritually curious, “Goddess Sophia” signifies the development of intellect, soul and identity through dynamic balance of light and shadow. May Alex’s masterful modern icon kindle personal revelation on your own profound journey of self-realisation.

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