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Acrylic on Canvas
30 cm x 30 cm


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Alex offers “Freedom (Getting into the Vortex),” a 30 x 30 cm acrylic on canvas that captures the essence of liberation as vibrant colours merge and swirl with butterflies and dragonflies, depicting a journey into the depths of self-discovery. The dynamic composition and energetic brushstrokes convey a sense of breaking barriers and embracing the boundless possibilities that lie within the vortex of personal empowerment.

To display this original Florschutz is to bring a sense of powerful rebirth into one’s environment. Let it kindle reflection on newfound purpose and possibility. For the inspired collector, “Freedom” celebrates our human capacity for transformation, no matter what our circumstances are. May this modern allegory serve as a reminder that empowering wisdom always lies within reach if we quiet the mind and nourish the spirit. Our liberation endures.

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