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Landscape of the Divine Feminine

Landscape of the Divine Feminine


Acrylic on Canvas
60 cm x 60 cm


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Alex’s masterpiece, “Landscape of the Divine Feminine,” a mesmerising 60 x 60 cm acrylic on canvas, is a  testament to the profound connection between nature and the sacred feminine. With each brushstroke, the canvas comes alive with a harmonious blend of vibrant and subtle colours and ethereal imagery. Suggestive lush flora provide the backdrop for an awe-inspiring representation of the goddess archetype. The serene visage is a soft glow casting an otherworldly luminescence upon the tranquil waters that wind through the composition. Alex’s masterful use of light evokes a sense of reverence and wonder, as if the very essence of the divine feminine is interwoven with the landscape itself. The painting invites viewers to contemplate the intricate balance between the natural world and the spiritual realm, leaving an indelible impression of beauty and transcendence.

Experience the captivating essence of “Landscape of the Divine Feminine” through the strokes of this original Florschutz painting. This mesmerising artwork intricately weaves symbolism and colour, inviting viewers to contemplate the empowering resurgence of feminine strength and spirituality in the modern world.

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