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Acrylic on Canvas
40 cm x 40 cm

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Alex presents an enchanting vision of elegance in “Grace,” a 40 x 40 cm acrylic portrait bust of a Goddess adorned in an ornate headpiece that seems to cascade in a shower of glistening jewels and beads. Rendered with luminosity and meticulous detail, this original Florschutz celebrates regal femininity and the quiet power of inner poise. To display “Grace” is to invite meditations on dignity, mystique and self-possession into one’s environment.

Let her steadfast presence encourage humility as by the grace of god we navigate life. For the inspired collector, this painting signifies the timeless virtue of carrying oneself with humility, purpose and unconditional love. May Alex’s modern reverie on a classical motif serve as a daily reminder to embrace each moment and interaction with grace.

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