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Alchemy #2 – Irradiance

Alchemy #2 – Irradiance


Acrylic on Canvas
42 cm x 60 cm

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Alex invites peaceful contemplation with “Alchemy #2 – Irradiance,” a 42 x 60 cm abstract acrylic painting on canvas awash in a serene palette of blush, azure and ivory. Subtle organic shapes and patterns seem to glow from within the layered washes of colour, evoking a sense of gentle energy shining forth. Yet the composition retains an air of calming ambiguity.

To display this ambient original Florschutz is to bring chromatic tranquility and graceful form into one’s environment, encouraging mindful presence. Let it fill your space with its quiet radiance, perfect for stilling busy minds. For the thoughtful collector, “Alchemy #2 – Irradiance” signifies the power of quiet transformation and finding light within. May Alex’s ethereal vision illuminate your days with equanimity, inspiration and hope.

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