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“The Power to Create” International Conference by Birthing The New Humanity

20 – 29 November 2020

I am delighted to share the good news that my project Birthing a Better Future Art & Science Exhibition has partnered with the Birthing the New Humanity initiative and our “virtual” exhibition will be featured in this forthcoming Online Conference.  I will also be giving a talk, How Birth Affects Life, on Monday 23rd November at 12pm (UK time).

It will be wonderful to further spread the word about the importance of the first 3 years of life, starting from conception, to a global audience and further elevate the artistic and scientific profiles of our participants.  

This global online gathering and conference is bringing together thought-leaders, professionals, educators, parents, youth and change-makers to learn, discuss, explore and share how we can use our Power to Create and Birth the New (Thriving) Human Family. 

A paradigm shift is necessary to use our creative power consciously starting at the very beginning of life. What we know about the long-term impact of very early parenting and our experiences even before birth are critical to our human existence.

Join the dynamic inspiring conversation, learn, network, meet new colleagues and friends and grow together. You’ll learn how the beginning of your life effects you, how to heal early trauma, what is leading to the unleashed violence, egoism, greed, depression, illness and needless suffering. 

*          *          *

Drs. Julie and Francois Gerland have been working tireless for years to raise awareness about this formative time in a child’s life through their Birthing a New Humanity initiative. I am also grateful that they are part of my project, sharing their wisdom and artwork and partnering with us. We’re all in this together 🙂

Register now for free and join the global conversation here

I look forward to seeing you there and wish you a wonderful autumn (or is it winter now!).


Alex x

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