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Womb of the World

Womb of the World


Oil & Mixed Media
100 cm x 100 cm

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Alex offers a captivating vision of creation and interconnectedness in “Womb of the World,” a dynamic 100 x 100 cm mixed media painting on canvas. Vibrant peach pink radiate from a luminous cosmic core, surrounded by fluid brown and tan forms that evoke the swirling energy of life itself. The expansive scale and enveloping composition draws the viewer into an intimate meditation on humanity’s collective origins. Like a cosmic umbilical cord, the pink spiral at the centre grounds this abstract universe in a universal symbol of sustenance, bonding, and the miracle of consciousness.

Executed with Alex’s signature textural palette, the canvas comes alive with subtle plays of light and shadow that reward close inspection. To display this original Florschutz is to invite contemplation on our shared existence and the tender beauty of beginnings. Let “Womb of the World” spark reflection, connection and wonder at the fragile yet tenacious thread that binds all living beings. Alex offers a purposeful vision that inspires unity, empathy and hope.

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