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Parallax Art Fair London Oct 2013

I will be showing some of my art at the Parallax Art Fair London from 17-19 October 2013

Parallax Art Fair is held at Chelsea Town Hall and offers an intellectual framework where visitors can dare to be themselves.

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Alexandra’s Art is all about Liberating the Feminine. She is renowned for her beautiful Divine Source© paintings, use of tactile media and the infamous Pink Tent Installation which travels the country inspiring people about the new Feminine.

Alexandra’s Divine Source© paintings capture the symbolic essence, the energy, the sensual juiciness of the vulva; they are evocative rather than literal. Each painting is an individual representation of an energetic process to celebrate and empower the Feminine.

The female reproductive system and genitalia are the most impressive parts of being a woman and yet they have been the most shamed, abused and violated. Women have become sexualised objects, where external features define a woman as ‘good enough’ for the male gaze and any natural bodily functions are suppressed or extensively sanitised. The vulva/vagina, in particular, is still seen as shameful, dirty or ‘looks wrong’ and the expectation is that only a man can ignite its pleasure.

Alexandra is here to bust that myth. She believes that as women cultivate a positive relationship with their divine source, they discover the power of their intuitive compass as a way to navigate life. She wants to raise awareness and show how unique, beautiful and sacred the divine source is and release the man-made guilt and shame that has been attached to a woman’s most precious anatomical gem for centuries. She thinks the divine source is the symbol of the feminine spirit and where a woman holds her natural power. The anatomical genitalia are only the external expression of a complex internal system of pleasure, reproduction and for the creation of new life. This system embraces the three lower Chakras; the root, the sacral and the solar plexus and their primary function is sexuality, reproduction and energy respectively. This is the centre of a woman’s powerful creative force which ultimately generates her life energy.

What people are saying about her paintings:

‘When I look at your paintings, it makes me feel more in touch and in love with my femininity. They evoke desire, pleasure, depth, purity and joy.’

‘The vagina is something that is hidden, not allowed to be expressed, not allowed to be bold… I see your paintings as bold statements, allowing women to be seen in their truest most powerful, juicy, fabulous form… there is no editing’

‘Your paintings are powerful. They make one feel empowered because you are allowed to be seen in a positive, life-enhancing way.’

Alexandra says: ‘All vulva’s are amazing as they are unique and a part of you. It is where your passionate spirit lies… it doesn’t happen in your head. If you are in touch with your pussy and have a positive relationship to it… well, the world is yours!’

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