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Birthing a Better Future, Brighton Fringe Festival 2019


Birthing a Better Future is the most exciting Art & Science Exhibition you’ll ever see and it’s coming to the Brighton Fringe Festival 3 – 6 May 2019!

Our entrance into this world has an impact that stays with us throughout our life. The time from conception to the age of two is a critical window of opportunity that sets a baby on a particular positive or negative trajectory.

It is well documented that the first 1001 days of a child’s life – from conception until the  age of two – are critical in terms of mental, physical and emotional development.

Zero2 Expo is launching its POP-UP Birthing a Better Future, a thought-provoking art and science exhibition designed to raise awareness about this important time in the Brighton Fringe Festival on the first bank holiday weekend of May (3-6), 

The charitable organisation is creating a unique and powerful art and science exhibition called Birthing a Better Future, established to increase public awareness about the key issues and importance of the first 1001 days of life based on the UK’s first cross party children’s manifesto (1001 Critical Days). Zero2 Expo’s pilot exhibition in the House of Commons in 2016, to bring the Manifesto to life for MPs, gained the support of 4,000 politicians and staff and was a catalyst for lively, thought provoking conversations and debate.

The Zero2 Expo will use art, words, science, film, talks and workshops to get its message across and will be touring globally next year – starting in London in March 2018.

Executive Director, Alex Florschutz, said: ‘We believe this is the biggest Public Health message of our time and is crucial that we spread the word in an accessible way using thought-provoking art and the latest scientific/expert research so we can truly Birth a Better Future.’

The Zero2 Mission: To inspire changes in how we treat the first 1001 days of life to help create a world where every child has the best possible start in life.

Primary Outcome: Increasing general public awareness of the key issues and importance of the 1001 critical days.

“Children are most vulnerable in the first 3 years of life, and the greatest returns will be made by investment in early child development” (WHO (2014) Investing in Children: the European Child Maltreatment Prevention Action Plan 2015-2020, Written Evidence)

Exhibition Open on the First Bank Holiday Weekend only: 3 – 6 May

Friday – 3rd May: 12 – 5

Saturday – 4th May: 9 – 5

Sunday – 5th May: 1 – 5

Monday – 6th May: 9 – 5


Friends Meeting House Ship Street



See map: Visit our website:

Please help us raise funds for this event on Crowdfunder: https://

*You are warmly invited to the Private Viewing on Friday 3rd May:

5 – 7pm Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AF

For more info contact: Alex Florschutz
M: 07787 122157
E: W:


Birthing a Better Future, by Zero2 Expo, is a thought-provoking art and science exhibition designed to raise awareness about the first 1001 critical days from conception to age two of a child’s life and we are launching in the Brighton Fringe festival 3 – 6 May!

After the positive response to our successful pilot exhibitions at the Houses of Parliament (2016) and the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford (2017/18), it encouraged us to develop the exhibition further and make plans to take it nationwide.

Birthing a Better Future is the culmination of working with 32 artists and 28 scientists and many hours of research to produce a portable exhibition with an empowering message.

Consisting of 18 double-sided banners, covering key topics for contemplation, this exhibition invites you to consider new ways of thinking about pregnancy, birth and parenting. All text is underpinned by expert opinions and scientific research and is accompanied by thought-provoking art.

Science proves beyond doubt how important the 1001 days are for optimum brain development, an outcome which is most readily achieved through exposure to healthy environments and good relationships. These positive early connections last a lifetime, and are vital in creating successful, happy and healthy adults.

In fact statistics show ‘perinatal depression, anxiety and psychosis carry a total long-term cost to society of about £8.1 billion for each one-year cohort of births in the UK’ which could be significantly reduced if more support is given during these first 1001 days.

We are very lucky that The Lancet has published an official report stating that 80% of people who saw our Oxford exhibition found it had a big effect in raising awareness about the 1001 days. Visitors expressed how they found the exhibitions informative, educational, moving and inspiring, even prompting changes in behaviour.

Alex Florschutz, the founder of Zero2 Expo, is an artist, art psychotherapist, author and curator of the Birthing a Better Future Art and Science Exhibition and campaign. For the last 3 years, she has been working on this project, with a team of top professionals, to raise awareness about this important time. But more importantly, she is passionately interested in the science and psychology behind pregnancy, childbirth and parenting which is reflected in her artwork.

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Exhibition Poster

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Pop-Up Birthing a Better Future Art & Science Exhibition

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Pop-Up Birthing a Better Future Art & Science Exhibition
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