The Pink Tent

The Pink Tent, which is my Art Installation, that has been travelling around inspiring women and men about what it is to be a woman in our Western culture, and offers a space for dialogue on this huge topic. It is a celebration of all things feminine. It allows women to expand their self awareness of who they are beyond the context of our culture while giving a positive insight for men. A place where people can have a creative, sensual, informative and transformative felt experience of the Feminine.

The Pink Tent contains themes such as: Female cycles, Pregnancy & Birth, Feminine Sexuality, Menopause, The different aspects of the Goddess, the pursuit for our own pleasure, inner acceptance and happiness!

The Goddess, which can be described as female archetypes, conjures difference characteristics such as strength, love, home, freedom, peace, sensuality etc. The goddess is also about Birth, Growth, Death and Regeneration (M. Gimbutas).

Pink is symbolic of Love, Beauty, Femininity, Compassion, Motherhood, emotional and spiritual healing and much more and is a combination of Red (earth, passion) and White (purity and contains all colours). Pink is a higher vibration to red and is connected to the heart chakra.

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