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Acrylic on Canvas
40 cm x 40 cm


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Alex offers a vision of spiritual renewal in the abstract acrylic painting “Reawakening,” a 40 x 40 cm canvas bearing symbolic tones of vermillion, azure and violet that seem to converge and expand like a consciousness arising. Though devoid of literal imagery, the shapes suggest organic growth, water and light – an immersive landscape for the soul.

To display this original Florschutz is to bring a sense of tranquil rebirth into one’s environment. Let its cosmic aura kindle reflection on newfound purpose and possibility. For the inspired collector, “Reawakening” celebrates our human capacity for transformation, no matter how deep one’s dormancy. May this modern allegory serve as a reminder that empowering wisdom always lies within reach if we quiet the mind and nourish the spirit. Our light endures.

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