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crylic on Canvas
40 cm x 60 cm


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Alex captures the euphoria of love’s embrace in “Lovers,” a joyous 40 x 60 cm acrylic painting on canvas. Two figures melt into one another, surrounded by verdant leaves and vibrant red roses in full bloom. Alex relies on energetic brushwork and a dynamic color palette of crimsons, greens and pinks to convey the exhilaration of romantic union. Devoid of literal detail, the composition instead suggests the sensation of passions kindled and two hearts beating as one.

To own this original Florschutz is to possess a daily reminder of love’s ability to uplift and empower. Display “Lovers” proudly in a space that honours the relationships that nourish your spirit most. Let Alex’s talent for evocative abstraction rekindle the flame that fuels your own bonds. For the hopeless romantic or thoughtful observer, this painting signifies love’s timeless power to inspire us to live fully and meaningfully. May “Lovers” reflect the affection you carry in your heart back at you.

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