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Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus


Oil on Canvas
60 cm x 60 cm


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Alex offers a serene vision of natural sanctity in “Blue Lotus,” a 60 x 60 cm oil painting on canvas depicting a blue lotus flower materialising through veils of azure and white, suggestive of a mystical waterfall. Rendered in the chromatic language of imagination, this atmospheric scene evokes the lotus’ sacred symbolism of spiritual awakening, purification and mental clarity.

To display this original Florschutz is to bring stillness and ethereal beauty into one’s environment, encouraging contemplation and calm. Let its aquamarine aura instil a sense of inner peace. For the inspired collector, “Blue Lotus” signifies the possibility of lucidity and grace through alignment with nature’s wisdom. May this modern allegory kindle reflection on the sacred gifts blooming within reach, if we quiet the mind’s currents.

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