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Alchemy #3 – Illuminate

Alchemy #3 – Illuminate


Acrylic on Canvas
23 cm x 30 cm

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Alex offers a window into spiritual awakening with “Alchemy #3 – Illuminate,” a 23 x 30 cm abstract acrylic painting on canvas. Layers of crimson, azure and blush converge to form a central golden glyph, suggestive of sacred inner geometric realms waiting to be unlocked. Yet the composition retains an air of mystery, the meaning left open to the eye of the beholder.

To display this original Florschutz is to invite chromatic beauty and symbolic intrigue into one’s environment, kindling self-reflection. Let it ignite your imagination and prime awareness for moments of revelation or synchronicity. For the spiritually curious collector, “Alchemy #3 – Illuminate” signifies the elusive yet hopeful journey toward wisdom and wholeness. May Alex’s transcendent vision help catalyse your own process of coming to light.

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