About Alex

‘Alex Florschutz MA, (HCPC Reg.) is a professional artist living and working in the South of England. She is renowned for her beautiful evocative paintings, her use of tactile media and her infamous Pink Tent Installation which travels the country (and hopefully world) inspiring people about the new Feminine’.

My Philosophy

My whole life I’ve been exploring the deep question ‘what does it mean to be a woman in this time and culture’? Affirming the root of Feminine power within myself and inspiring others, permeates everything I do and all that I represent.

I am on a journey to rediscover the Source of a woman’s power, the feminine spirit, which thrived in the more female oriented cultures, only to be superseded by the patriarchal way of life. I wonder how women can retain the true nature of their gender while navigating our masculine driven world. My desire for women to become integrated in self knowledge, acceptance and love is paramount. I believe this integration can happen when women live in choice, respecting their body and mind and pleasurably celebrate their life. My themes include feminine sexuality, cycles, birth as a rite of passage, and our intuitive, creative expression.

My Technique

My paintings, whether abstract or representational, follow an intuitive process beginning with a particular evocative colour mood and out of this colour infusion the nascent image or symbols evolve. They often combine a variety of tactile media which is not only a pleasurable experience but allows the viewer to enter into a world of deep colour, sparkles and magic.

Painting is a meditation. Once I get into the ‘zone’ and the energy flows, I allow the process to take me on an intuitive journey resulting in spontaneous and deliberate acts of creation. My art is usually described as vibrant, colourful, luminous, evocative, sensual, passionate, meaningful, symbolic, emotive and darn right juicy! I live my subject matter – to inspire, empower and celebrate the Feminine.

My Art Work

  • Exhibited on a pilot programme for HBO USA starring Ewan McGregor
  • Decorates the walls of a leading hospital specialising in Neurorehabilitation
  • Featured on other book covers a cd cover
  • Is represented in We’Moon Diary and Earth Pathways Diary
  • Accompanies articles in Juno magazine
  • Illustrates different blogs and articles all over the internet
  • Features in the book Musings on Mothering by Teika Bellamy, plus my poetry
  • Features on the front cover (and inside) of my book The Art of Birth
  • Is printed on many products, fashion and power statement cards
  • Has been exhibited extensively in the UK and also abroad (see list below) and I sell regularly
  • My book was reviewed in Juno magazine
  • My articles are published in The Mother Magazine and Juno magazine
  • My short film ‘Hell’ won 3rd prize in the Nottingham film festival
  • ‘Hell’ also appeared on TV and in the Portobello Film Festival
  • I was co chairman of our local art group (Ashdown Arts) for several years
  • I’ve curated several group shows for Ashdown Arts
  • I was a member of the organising committee for our local Music, Art and Culture Festival
  • I’ve curated a large community exhibition for the festival in 2014
  • Co-curating and participating in an exhibition in Parliament


2004/07 – MA Art Psychotherapy, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Herts

1995/96 – PgDip Video & Television Production, Bournemouth University, B’mouth, Dorset

1992/95 – BA (Hons) Degree, Fine Art / Intermedia, Kinston University, Kingston, Surrey

I am also a registered Art Psychotherapist with a wide range of experience working with adults and children and my unique Art of Birth classes.

I enjoy supporting clients find their inner wisdom through creative expression and move through any life issue towards greater clarity. The creative process can enhance emotional well-being in anyone who is willing to try it, whether it is for personal development or more in-depth therapy and can explore any life issue.

I am a mother of one amazing Son.