Book – The Art of Birth


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The Art of Birth – Empower Yourself for Conception, Pregnancy and Birth book reveals the secrets for a pleasurable pregnancy and birth, so women can understand the wisdom of their body and reclaim their power.

Do you desire to overcome the fear of Birth?
Do you desire to trust the Feminine Wisdom of your body?
Do you wish to celebrate your birth as an amazing rite of passage?

This book reveals the lost Secrets that will empower you to move beyond fear and create the pregnancy and birth you desire!

Imagine a world where birth was a natural, gentle and pleasurable experience. After you have read The Art of Birth you will have the tools to manifest this possibility.

The Art of Birth weaves together expert coaching with an artistic journey into a feminine world of Art, art exercises, relaxation, positive affirmations, inner work, meditation, emotional support and pleasure, where the dream of a natural, empowered journey to motherhood and a positive birth experience can become a new reality.

The Art of Birth is about creative freedom rather than technical skill, so No experience of art is necessary. You will be able to interpret your art work to see what it reveals and with this insight, rejoice in connecting with yourself and your baby on a deeper level.

Alexandra’s personal story contrasts the beliefs and behaviours in the United Kingdom with those of the Balinese culture, and conveys the message that a new positive birth paradigm is desperately needed. Cutting edge research is included to substantiate her claims that emotional well being during the creation of new life is paramount. Likewise, we can collectively support one of the most significant rites of passage in a woman’s life.

Art and birth are creative and non-intellectual processes and this is why Art can be a great asset in our preparation for birth as it allows us to access images and the unconscious. Before conception, through pregnancy, birth and beyond a woman, and her partner, can clear unhelpful emotional and psychological barriers. This book will give you the tools to empower yourself to create the experience you desire.

The Art of Birth aims to inspire, educate and support pregnant women, fathers, partners, midwives, doulas, childbirth practitioners and anyone who is passionate about conscious conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting.

I truly hope it will be an Empowering resource for everyone as we ALL started life inside a woman’s body and we ALL experienced a birth.